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Strands of Consciousness

Megan Bogert

October 5th- November 1st 2012
Opening Reception: October 5th 6pm-9pm

Artist Statement:

My work is influenced by natural processes occurring in nature as well as the use of sustainable materials. I approach art within the mindset of a scientist, always experimenting with everyday household products and materials easy accessible everywhere from the nearest hardware and grocery store. In this series of work I have focused on the processes of both composting and rusting on fabric and incorporated the byproduct into my organic forms made of cardboard. I would relate my art making process to working in the same way writers “free write”. The forms are built and ?ow as my ?ngers move, allowing my thoughts to quiet and the work to speak. I invite you to view the ideas I can never verbalize but my hands can make in this series, Strands of Consciousness.