Archive Space Project

Open Classroom

February 10th 2016- April 14th 2016

Reception: Second Thursday, February 11th 2016, 6-8pm

Margaret Kearney

Open Classroom is a skill sharing project and an experiment in fostering a community around the true (infinite) value of the groups we move in and out of each day and acknowledging the enormity of our shared possibility.

Very briefly, the idea of this exercise is to maximize the potential of short, community lead workshops to create dynamic relationships between participants as a strategy for fostering community resilience. This project rejects traditional distinctions of student/teacher and stresses mutual respect, questioning assumptions that certain people are skilled and others are not.  Open Classroom's work is to acknowledge each person’s knowledge as equally relevant and codependent, regardless of their label as "student" or "teacher".

In this vein, anyone and everyone is welcome to come teach, learn, and share a positive space: fill out the form under the "Want to teach?" tab to sign up for a teaching space! We will gather every Saturday afternoon at 1400 N. American St.  Feel free to contact Margaret Kearney, project creator and organizer with any questions at