Archive Space Project

Jombi Supastar

Jombi Supastar
May 10th to July 1st 2012

First Reception: Last Drop, August 16 2012
Second Opening Reception: Archive Space, Second Thursday May 10th

Jombi Supastar, a Philadelphia based “outsider artist”, incorporates folkloric and mythical creatures into his paintings and sculptures. Recycling materials that he finds in urban environments, Supastar primarily paints and draws on canvas and paper, using gouache, watercolors, acrylic, and even fingernail polish. Relying also on collage, he allows materials such as wrapping paper, false hair, stones, and commercial ads to find their way into his works. In addition to low-relief paintings, Supastar creates paper-maché sculptures embellished with mixed media. Supastar’s work is influenced by West African sculpture, especially that of the Shona of Mozambique. His newest body of work is about the celebration of life and the fecundity of spring.

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