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Harmonious Entities: Installation

Sarah Wondrack

April 3rd-May 3rd
Reception: First Friday : April 6th 5-8pm 2012

According to CityPaper:

Harmonious Entities, textile artist Sarah Johanna Wondrack's instillation piece, wraps around the interior of the cozy coffee house like a swarm of moths on their way to the apocalypse. Made from wire and recycled tracing paper, Wondrack created the work to "shed light on even the most common and ordinary materials," and by using repetition, she says in her artist's statement, "the objects are exploited and the finished product is greater than the sum of its parts."

Sarah Wondrack is a Fibers artist who resides in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She graduated from University of the Arts with a BFA in Fibers/Mixed Media. She has worked with Anthropologie's Visual Display Team and Art and Color Department. Her most recent exhibitions include the Philadelphia Craft Show and Inside 12 at 175 Gallery in Seoul, South Korea
City Paper Press

Video of Installation